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Public Notice Regarding Dog Licensing

If you own a DOG you need a current DOG LICENSE.


Owner/Owners of any DOG or multiple DOGS 120 days of age or over, must ensure that their dogs are currently licensed (valid DOG LICENSE).




Reason #1- Licensing your DOG helps others in the identification process. Dogs get lost, are stolen, run away or wander off, every day. There are times when an unforeseen emergency occurs and, suddenly, the animal loses its connection to care. A dog’s caretaker dies, or needs to be hospitalized, or there is a house fire, or a door is left ajar and in the blink of an eye the dog ends up far from home. These are the times when it is crucial for a first responder, DCO, good Samaritan, police officer, animal shelter or EMS responder to be able to identify your DOG.


Reason #2- Zoonotic disease; New York State Agriculture and Markets Law, Article 7 section 109 states that "all DOGS must have a license and be vaccinated for rabies" (no current rabies vaccination means your dog cannot be licensed, check with your veterinarian for the rabies vaccination status of your dog). There are guidelines for animal rabies vaccination and control in NYS, they usually involve local/county health agencies. Rabies is a horrible disease. The good news is, there is a very effective vaccine and it is available, free of charge, throughout most counties in NYS (county scheduled rabies vaccination clinics).


How do I renew or get a DOG LICENSE?


Renewing, or getting a new DOG LICENSE, is easy, click here for a dog license application. A completed application must be taken or mailed to Franklin Town Clerk at 554 Main Street Franklin, NY 13775 (office hours--Tuesday & Thursdays 9-11:30am & 2:30-5pm and Fridays 6-8pm). Please see the application for the license fee structure. You will need proof of a current rabies vaccination, which, if you do not already have, you can get a copy from your veterinarian, or from numerous mobile vet clinics in Delaware County which you can locate online. Make sure the tag is properly fastened to your DOGS' collar at all times, especially when outdoors.



For questions or further information please call 607-230-0900 option 6.


Mark Bennett,

Dog Control Officer, Franklin, NY